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SEC Whistleblower Hotline Directory

FCPA Compliance Hotlines Directory

Important Information for Whistleblowers

We strongly recommend that you speak to an experienced attorney before reporting your concerns to your employer or the SEC. Reporting directly to your employer may affect your legal rights, including your protection against retaliation and ability to claim a whistleblower award. If you want to protect your chance at earning an SEC payout of up to 30% of the fines collected, it is best to consult a lawyer before taking action. 

If you have not already, Contact Us Now for a Free Consultation.

Those who wish to report to the SEC whistleblower hotline without a free consultation, which we do not advise, can do so here.

What Are Corporate Whistleblower Hotlines?

Corporate compliance hotlines allow for employees, third parties, and stakeholders within that organization to report any issues with FCPA compliance or other potential illegal activity. Oftentimes, an organization will have a compliance team dedicated to investigating these reports. Providing an easy way for internal reporting of wrongdoing can help these companies avoid reputational damage as well as hefty fines.

Where potential illegal activity is involved, it is always safest to consult a lawyer prior to reporting to any hotline, whether it’s the SEC whistleblower hotline or belongs to the company you work for. Whistleblowers are often fired or ostracized for reporting their company’s crimes. Some companies may even try to hide or cover their retaliation under the guise of restructuring or similar excuses.

FTI Law offers free, anonymous consultations to those with valid claims. Even if you report directly via your corporation’s compliance hotline, you are at risk of retaliation. By partnering with experienced SEC and corporate crime lawyers, you can receive protection from retaliation. FTI Law can help identify and protect against instances of constructive dismissal and similar cases of retaliation. Before reporting to the SEC whistleblower hotline, contact FTI Law for a free consultation.

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