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FTI Law Featured in the News

With a team lead by one of the best lawyers for SEC whistleblowers, FTI Law is regularly featured in leading financial and legal news sources, such as Reuters, Bloomberg, The Korea Times, MSN, ALA Magazine, Authority Magazine, Yahoo, and more. When it comes to corporate crime, few people are as experienced as FTI Law’s managing attorney John Joy and are open to representing whistleblowers. If you are considering becoming a whistleblower, please contact FTI law as soon as possible. Only the first person to submit a claim to the SEC is eligible for a reward.

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Having one of the best lawyers for SEC whistleblowers, it makes sense that FTI Law is frequently quoted in related press. Below is a collection of news appearances by FTI Law or our managing attorney John Joy in whistleblowing news. If you have information on corporate corruption or bribery, do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

Legal Industry

A variety of legal publications have published press that has quoted FTI Law based on our expertise. We encourage you to browse through some of those mentions below to learn more about how FTI Law’s managing attorney is considered one of the best lawyers for whistleblowers. If you like what you see, and you have information on an SEC violation to report, please contact FTI Law today.


As a corporate crime law firm, it makes sense that various publications have referenced FTI Law’s cases. If you are on the fence about deciding whether or not to blow the whistle, some of these articles may help you find that clarity. We also encourage you to schedule a free, anonymous consultation with our best SEC whistleblower lawyers to discuss your options further.

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