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Report Accounting Fraud

SEC Accounting Fraud Whistleblowers Can Earn Huge Payouts.

When you successfully report corporate crime to the SEC, you can earn 10% to 30% of the fines collected exceeding 1 million dollars. The average SEC whistleblower reward is around 5 million dollars. Only the first person to report information is eligible for the payout, so acting quickly is crucial. FTI Law has the necessary SEC and FCPA expertise to prepare your SEC submission for you, increasing your chances of a successful claim.

What Is Accounting Fraud?

Accounting fraud is one of many securities law violations that fall under the SEC’s jurisdiction, just like investor fraud and violations of the FCPA. You can report accounting fraud to the SEC. Accounting fraud can involve the manipulation of financial statements, earnings reports, or other documents such as tax returns, to benefit the company or make the company appear to be performing better than it is. Often, this is done to hide losses or to make a company’s financial condition seem better than reality.

Accounting violations prosecuted by the SEC do not have to be intentional. Failure to keep accurate books and records, conduct appropriate audits of payments, and even implement sufficient anti-bribery compliance policies can qualify as legal violations. If you believe you may have witnessed accounting violations where you work, you should contact FTI Law immediately.

FTI Law can ensure an accurate and confidential submission of your information to the SEC and FTI Law can help protect accounting fraud whistleblowers from retaliation. Talk with an attorney today to report SEC accounting fraud.

Secure Your Whistleblower Reward

Report accounting fraud with FTI Law’s experience on your side. Representation from FTI Law can mean that your claim has a higher chance of being successful and earning an accounting fraud whistleblower payout. The SEC receives tens of thousands of claims – even one small mistake in your submission can result in no action or payout. Don’t take the risk and let FTI Law guide you through the process.

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