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Report Corporate Bribery Cases

The Average Whistleblower Payout Is $5,000,000.

If you have evidence of bribery, it’s vital to act quickly on that information and report this to the SEC. The experienced whistleblower attorneys at FTI Law are ready to prepare your submission to the SEC on your behalf, ensuring your best chance at receiving a whistleblower award.

FTI Law Has What It Takes

SEC Experience

It’s not easy to submit information to the SEC that gets acted upon in a timely and successful manner, but FTI Law’s managing lawyer John Joy has taken on corporate bribery cases for almost a decade. John has a background on both sides of the corporate crime courtroom, having previously worked in white-collar criminal defense. Now, FTI Law works tirelessly to bring criminal corporations to justice.

Global Experience

FTI Law is based out of the United States but has taken on SEC and FCPA cases from five continents. You do not need to be a United States resident or citizen to work with FTI Law on corporate bribery cases. Schedule a free, anonymous consultation with an attorney now.

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What Counts as Bribery?

The SEC is highly interested in investigating corporate bribery cases. Bribery often falls under the FCPA and refers to offering anything of value to a government employee in order to obtain or retain business. It’s important to note that the bribe does not have to be money and could be stock, computers, vehicles, equipment, or anything else valuable to the government employee.

Only the first person to report to the SEC is eligible for a reward. Do not hesitate to contact FTI Law if you have information pertaining to corporate bribery.

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