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Report Financial Crime
and Corporate Corruption

Whistleblowers Earn Up to 30% of Collected SEC Fines.

The average SEC whistleblower award is approximately $5,000,000. Doing the right thing will pay off. It’s important to learn how to report corporate and court corruption prior to doing so, or you may miss out on your deserved payout. The SEC receives tens of thousands of claims each year, causing poorly or incorrectly submitted reports of wrongdoing to go overlooked.

Experience Where It Counts

Although only the first person to report information to the SEC is eligible for a whistleblower reward, you should not report financial crime alone. Seeking representation from an experienced law firm will help ensure your claim is successful. The corporate crime lawyers at FTI Law will not only submit your report professionally, but we can also help provide protection against retaliation. You don’t pay if you don’t win.

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What is Corporate Corruption?

Corporate corruption is a broad category of illegal activity conducted by a corporation that violates laws enforced by the SEC or the FCPA. Commonly reported financial crimes that fall under this category are control violations and securities fraud. Control violations can even be as simple as failing to implement sufficient anti-bribery compliance policies, even if there’s no proof a bribe has taken place.

After contacting FTI Law, understanding how to report corporate crime and corruption will be simple. After a consultation, we will prepare your submission to the SEC on your behalf. You will not be eligible for a whistleblower award unless you report financial crime quickly, accurately and use the proper forms.

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