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The SEC Whistleblower Program

SEC Whistleblower Program Pays Over $5,000,000 Per Applicant

The average SEC whistleblower award now stands at over 5 million dollars and you can participate in the program anonymously, safely and for free. The SEC whistleblower program is intended to incentivize people like you to report illegal activity by large corporations. With the assistance of FTI Law’s experienced attorneys, you can report corporate crime with increased protection from retaliation and maximize your chances of receiving a whistleblower reward.

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The SEC receives tens of thousands of submissions, which means not every claim will be investigated. Poorly drafted or inaccurate tips are unlikely to result in a reward. Additionally, only the first person to submit a violation tip to the SEC will be eligible for the SEC whistleblower award for that information, so fast action is required. If you’ve already reported the information to your company, the SEC also enforces a 120-day deadline to report the violation to the SEC as well if you want to claim a whistleblower reward.

To earn a whistleblower payout, you must pay careful attention to detail and follow the rules and procedures precisely. That is why it takes skill to submit a successful claim to the SEC whistleblower program. FTI Law’s passionate attorneys have what it takes to make your claim successful. Talk with an attorney today.

FTI Law Is the Representation You Need

It’s best to navigate the SEC whistleblower program with expert legal guidance. FTI Law’s managing lawyer, John Joy, has almost a decade of corporate crime case experience on a global level. With a background in corporate crime defense, John is uniquely capable of helping SEC whistleblowers earn payouts and protect themselves from retaliation. Described as a expert in the field by both LexisNexis and TechRound, John is waiting to help you bring your whistleblower claim.

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